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Press Photos

Download a zip file that contains many photos in various sizes that are available for press use here


Mike Peralta is available for live performances, interviews, blogs, podcasts, shows, and more. Some fun ideas could also include:

  • In-Studio Interviews and Performances
    • Mike is available for in-studio interviews and performances if you're local to the Southern California area, or if Mike will be in town the day of the interview.

  • Remote Interviews and Performances
    • Mike can do live remote interviews via telephone, skype, etc
    • Mike can also provide a high-quality network audio stream from his own studio for remote interviews
      • For live interviews, this audio stream can be sent to you for a higher quality interview audio, with only a 1-2 second delay.
      • For pre-recorded interviews, the audio stream can be sent to you after the fact for your own editing

  • Recorded Interviews and Performances
    • Mike can record a hi-quality audio stream from his own studio while you're talking via phone/skype, and then email you the files so that you can integrate them into your final recording.


  • After your feature has been posted, you may receive a mention on Mike's social networks, and a link here if you would like to promote your own website.

  • Depending on the certain factors, Mike may also post a vlog (video blog) to one of this main youtube channels with several thousand subscribers.

Important Pages

  • Mike's Bio ---> here
  • Newsletter Subscription, which earns fans free Mp3s ---> here
  • Discography, including music player ---> here
  • Youtube (Main Music) ---> here
  • Other Social Links ---> here
  • Mike's Journal ---> here
  • Latest News ---> here

Additional Information Request

To request additional information not found on this page, send an email to

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