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Sunday, December 9th, 2012, 2:02am
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

I know I know. Silly blog topic... Sorry in advance.

Anyway, I'm up late at home tonight, still trying to finish a philosophy paper, and the paragraph I just wrote attempts to use something I learned in Quantum Physics to justify some philosophies written by a man named Descartes. Then, being the procrastinator I am, I decided to turn to my twitter friends instead of actually finishing my paper.

I asked "We are all at least 99.9999% empty space. True or false?", and now everyone is beeping my timeline with answers. So far none of you guys got the right answer! What gives!?

The answer is.... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn ----> TRUE! We are all at least 99.99999% empty space. In fact, we are more than that, as blocks of steel are about 99.99999% empty space, or at least my physics professor once showed me on a chalkboard.

You guys are probably scratching your heads on this right now. My first thought, too, was WTF. Let me explain...

You guys probably all know what molecules are, so lets start there. Molecules are one of the super small basic structures that make up our bodies and stuffff. I won't comment on all the empty space between different molecules that can occur, or space in our bodies, or whatever... but lets just assume we already have space in our bodies, and then the rest is made of molecules:

Caffeine Molecule
Image By: Mstroeck

See all those dots? Those are atoms. Look at all the space between them. That's a lot right? Sort of? Okay now, lets look at a picture of an atom:


You guys might recognize that. The thing in the center is the nucleus (protons+neutrons), and the things circling around are the electrons. To split hairs, the electrons aren't actually dots, but more like probability waves that may appear at any place in orbit at any given time, and are more likely "everywhere at once" in a shield-like state, until we actually observe one and it spontaneously (somehow) turns into a dot .... LOL ... but anyway...

So yeah. Basic atom. Here is the kicker, though, in regards to the scale. Its deceptive. Imagine that nucleus in your mind. Now enlarge it, until the nucleus is as big as a basketball. You'd think the electrons would be a few houses out, or a neighborhood at most, right? Wrong...

Actually, if the nucleus were enlarged to the size of a basketball, the electrons would be... wait for it... somewhere around eleven miles away. Eleven miles away, and the size of pin heads.

Imagine how much empty space there would be, between a basketball, and pin needles orbiting 11 miles away. Then use all that empty space to make molecules. Then remember that we're all, all made up of atoms and molecules.

Crazy, huh!

And just to clarify, this empty space is for the solid parts of our body. This means bones, tissue, everything. So add in the "real" empty spaces in your body and you end up being even emptier than before haha.

You can thank my physics professor for that awesome explanation. Also, thank my philosophy professor, for giving me a paper to write, that I can't concentrate on lol.

Okay see you guys later!


Update: Katie Billings just got it right. Woot!

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Friday, June 10th, 2016, 4:27am
behind of this empty space, nucleus and electron, there are a gigantic/massive energy which project this things..
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