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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013, 4:54pm
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I just had the strangest dream. I had been working/thinking about music for awhile today, then took a quick catnap to recharge.

In the dream, I was at a get together at someone's house. I didn't know anyone, so I started to wander around, and decided to check out the front yard. There were several people sitting in lawn chairs on the driveway and the grass, talking over coolers and drinks and food. I made my way towards some of them and as I approached, I heard them talking about my music.

I was like, "Uhm Hi, that's me... are you serious?" They all said yes and claimed to be fans. I started calling Shenanagins on them, thinking maybe a friend of mine was at the party and set these people up to prank me. I asked them to prove it by naming one of their favorite songs, and one by one they all did, except for one person.

He was in a white T-Shirt and light pale jeans, short dreadlocks down to his shoulders, dark sunglasses and sunk slightly comfortably down in his chair, with all his fingers linked together at his lap. He seemed to be laughing to himself during the whole thing, like he was enjoying some kind of secret.

I turned to him last and said "Okay so tell me your favorite song", thinking he would be the one who blew the prank against me.

He named a song I didn't recognize, and when I told him I hadn't written it, he insisted I did. I told him to sing it to me, so he did, with one of the most incredible voices I believe I've ever heard. The song was simple, yet very touching and beautiful. I was blown away by how awesome it was, and felt envious that it wasn't mine.

When he was done I thought I had caught him in a lie, and laughed that this wasn't my song. We both kept insisting that the other was wrong, but he quickly got tired of arguing and just told me the Beatles wrote it.

Here's the thing though.... they didn't write it. I was dreaming. I woke up, looked up the song and lyrics, tried to remember the melody in any other song I could think of. Nothing came up. I ended up recording the song into the voice-recorder app on my phone a few minutes ago.

So actually... the man in my dream... he was right. I had written the song. I just didn't know it yet!

~Mike Peralta

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