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Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, 12:00am
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How to Get Free Stuff

Mother and Daughter

Aloha dudes! This is Mike Peralta, and I'd like to clue you in on how other fans are totally getting tons of free stuff, and how you can too. How would you like to get free signed CDs, T-Shirts, Mp3s, and more? I've given tons away to fans already, and I'm always giving away more. Earning stuff is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is be a friggin awesome fan. That means in a nutshell, be very active and vocal in your support, over an extended period of time. Eventually I'm going to notice and want to reward you, or I'll just send you something out of sheer guilt.
Representing Chino

I'm going to list some fast and easy ideas on things you can do to earn your gear, but you can show your support in many other ways, so feel free to try out your own ideas too!
Damn You, Shea

Things You Can Do

  • Contact your local college radio station and let them know you'd like to hear my music, or have them interview me.
  • Contact music bloggers and ask them to interview or blog about me! Your favorite ones, or any in general will do.
  • Share my music and website with all your friends on facebook, twitter, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • Post about my work in message boards, in blog comments, on youtube, and anywhere you can find other music lovers.
  • Befriend other fans. The stronger we can build our community, the more fun it will be for all of us, and the further we can go. You can usually find other fans on:
    • The forums in this site
    • The "Find Other Fans" or list of registered users on this site
    • My twitter account
    • My facebook fan page
    • My youtube videos
  • Take photos next to my website, or my CD, or anything that shows you're a fan.
  • Write your own blog about how my work has touched you in some way.
  • Make youtube videos, or use any other video-share service to let your friends know about me, my work, or how it has touched your life. One fan even made his own Mike Peralta T-Shirt and vlogged about it, so I sent him one of my own T-Shirts and some stickers within a couple days!


But Please Be Patient!

Some fans come and go rather quickly, and others show up to praise their undying love for me, then disappear 2 days later. Until I win the lottery, I can't give away free stuff to everyone, so I have to make sure you're a fan for the long haul. Please don't send out a few messages of praise for a few days and then be disappointed when you don't get free stuff. Instead, be a really supportive fan for a long long period of time. Make friends with other fans and give me some time to realize that you've been around awhile, and you'll be around a lot longer. Also, it does not hurt to be vocal about the help you're putting in. If you're going out of your way to support the cause, there is nothing wrong with making sure I see it!
Well thank you!

Thanks and Good Luck!

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone! I appreciate all your support and I love every last one of you. I hope very soon you all win freeeeee stufffffffff!

~Mike Peralta
Merry .... Mike'smas?

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