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Thursday, April 25th, 2013, 5:21am
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Hey peeps!

So I'm basically just sitting here, feeling completely useless as usual, when it dawned on me - I'm a busy guy. Well I guess we already knew that. The point is that I often feel like I'm not getting very much done, despite feeling short on time all day long.

My friend showed me an article about some new syndrome, roughly called "Busy Lifestyle Syndrome", which apparently makes you feel forgetful. Well hey... I'm really forgetful. lol.

Okay anyway, I thought it might be fun to list the things I've done today, just for the sake of my own posterity. Keep in mind that today is one of those days I feel I've gotten nothing done.

  • Called the auto shop about taking my car in ... didn't take it in though
  • Sent a few texts to one of my gig bookers about not being able to help her fill in a show this Friday, due to probably not having a car all weekend
  • Bought some new "no flat" wheels online for my spare/smaller gigging cart, so I can loan it to family
  • Read about 20 random articles (as usual) on topics ranging from programming, to music marketing, to just random crap like busy person syndrome
  • Scanned in about 10 Talent Release forms and Work for Hire forms, which go along with the music video I'm about to edit
  • Searched a little bit for a replacement photo for the new Artwork i'm working on (for the single I'm about to release) in case the guy from japan (who already licensed his photo as creative commons, but I wanted attribution specifics) emails me back and wants out
  • Went to the gym, did legs, then 25 minutes of cardio
  • Quick nap after the gym, forcing Freddy to let me cuddle him (I call it a "dog trap")
  • Fetch with my Freddy
  • Caught up on about 3 days worth of backed up tweets to reply to from fans and friends - it wasn't a lot today though - maybe only 20-30
  • Wrote a blog earlier called "Fuck you to hell, family" which voices my concerns over my sister and brother in law constantly making "lets go see a movie" plans with me, then seeing the movie without me (whores)
  • Realized I'm late shipping a T-Shirt to a fan who bought one last week (Sorry Alyssa!), and began packing her package
  • Checked the accounting section of my music's digital distribution income (and wished it was about 100x more than it is)
  • Finally remembered to hook up my "Marketing Status Updates" to my facebook fan page (it was only hooked up to my twitter before)
  • Added an old video of myself playing my song "My Mind" live at the OC Fair into my marketing messages' rotation
  • Fired up the computer in my bedroom, and remotely told it to fire up one of its virtual machines (think: linux inside windows), so I could publish a couple videos on my youtube gaming channel
  • Acquired some porn (hey lets be honest here)
  • Realized (after investigating fishy behavior) that my firewall was blocking some ports that I needed to be using, then fixed it
  • Recharged camera batteries, flash batteries, and repacked my camera bag
  • Found a new home for my silly new walkie talkies (spoiler: it was just a drawer)
  • Fired up the virtual machine I use for my "day job" and let its cron run for a few hours without me touching it, so it could compile a bunch of data without me having to bill my boss for it
  • Watched 3 episodes of Dr Who with my mom over a couple meals (hurray el pollo loco and netflix!)
  • Wrote this god damn blog
  • Ordered a couple "flash gel holders" off amazon (they allow you to color light from your camera's flash, and one of those collapsible foldable shoulder mount shoulder things to possibly help me when I try to film
  • Talked with a friend for 20-30 minutes about possibly using her relative as a human guinnea pig for an idea I had where I wanted to film very humanizing bio short films (like this)
  • Opened up my accounting software and marked a few invoices as paid due to receiving checks in the mail
  • Copied a few movie files onto my hard drive for my vlog (but didn't do any editing or uploading)
  • Wasted a bunch of extra time on facebook
  • Inputted maybe 8-10 emails from the "Newsletter Signup Sheet" that I keep out at gigs, into my website, then put the clipboard back into my merch box.
  • Tried to sit down and think for a bit on how to improve my facebook marketing. Right now I'm doing a very very low bid per 'like' (to try and help the investment actually break even instead of costing me way more than I make back), but in order to do so I'm having to target a lot of less "popular" countries to market to (I love you bangaledesh fans, if you're reading this). I was thinking maybe I should target fans of other huge bands instead, but I quit before I came up with a solid plan.
  • Adjusted an adwords campaign I have going to give a slight boost to some of my youtube video views. Long story short I am a cheapskate.
  • Sat and stared at this blog for about 10 minutes, wondering if I'm an idiot for posting it or not
  • Took a couple of "old as F" rewritable mini DVDs from the camera I just threw away, and converted them to movie files on my hard drive. Apparently I was playing at something called "the sawdust festival" in 2009, before I had an HD camera (ouch)

I guess you could say I do get things done... to a certain extent. There are things I did but didn't list here, mostly due to me usually forgetting anything I've just done. Yet I still can't shake the feeling that I could have done a whole lot more, but I'm missing it somehow.

Maybe facebook is to blame, lol. Maybe its that I was supposed to work on a video for my sister's bridal shower but didn't have time, or that I didn't get to practice or record music (as usual).

Maybe I just have ADHD or am too forgetful.

... or maybe its that I have so much to do, that the amount I get done in any given day seems small. Like if you have 1000 things to do, but only get 50 done, that's like 5% ... and more things build up each day.

Oh well. Thanks for indulging my random babblings again, peeps!

~Mike Peralta

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