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Friday, March 27th, 2015, 9:26pm
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Hey peeps,

So ... I'm feeling a little warm and fuzzy today. There's an artist I check out from time to time, named Kina Grannis, and a new friend just showed me a song that Kina had apparently recorded with her husband. It's a very sweet song, and it got me thinking about love.

This might sound weird or negative to some of you, but I feel like it's incredibly positive.

I often think about love; How hard it is to find; How easily it fades. A lot has to come together in just the right way, for it to happen. Take most couples. Imagine if things were different, even just a little bit.

What if one or both of them weren't as attractive? What if they weren't the right age/maturity at the same time? What if they weren't in the right state of mind to find love, or not even single when they met? What if they lived too far away? What if some circumstance changed, and they weren't able to "click" in the right way together?

The probably wouldn't be together.

Like I said: Love is so hard to find; And even when you've found it, it's fleeting, and fragile. I've made my share of mistakes in love. And even when you try your best, it often doesn't last.

So now this is my thought: Love is an opportunity

Love is something you grab when you have the chance. When the timing is right... when the factors are right.. when the feeling is right. Not because you expect it to last forever (although that is the hope)... but because love is worth the effort.

So I will leave you with that thought today. Tell someone you love them, or take the risk and bring yourself at least a step closer. Love is a worthwhile opportunity.

Here's that video I was watching, in case anyone is interested:

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