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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014, 4:32pm
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

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Hey you guys. This is the dumbest thing ever, but my mind has been wandering lately.

Earlier this month I got to be on terrestrial radio again, in the form of a live interview+performance on KTST Anaheim (The Kay Show with Kyle Green, which was a ton of fun btw), and it got me thinking about past interviews.

So I've been thinking back to an interview I had an on online-only music station a couple years ago. The preview couple weeks, days, hours leading up to the actual air time, I was doing some heavy promoting - Tweets, blogs, facebook posts, mailing list blasts, etc, trying to get a bunch of people to listen live.

As usual, the effects of my "promo" didn't really seem apparent to me, so by the time I got into the studio, I had totally forgotten all about it... or at least didn't feel like I had made much of a difference. So then just before my interview starts, I'm sitting in the booth with the host, hanging out and putting my equipment together, saying hello and trying to force my brain to turn on so I didn't sound like a dunce on air.

All the sudden, the station manager runs in and goes "You guys! We have A LOT of people listening right now!" with an excited look on his face, then runs out and slams the door.

I felt proud ... or maybe excited ... yet slightly confused as to why there were a lot of listeners, so I just assumed I was there on a lucky day. Only later on did I really stop and go "Wait a second ... was that from my promo?"

Looking back on it, I feel dumb. Having no experience in online radio hosting (at the level where you have an actual studio-building anyway), how could I have any idea how much "a lot" was to this man? Was it 1,000 people? 100? Ten!?


... it burns me up inside sometimes to think about it and not know.

Sorry guys... pointless blog, other than to let you in on a bit of my daily personal pain haha.


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