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Monday, February 1st, 2010, 2:21pm
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Freddy Looking Up
Happy weekday everyone.

Well, it appears that my live shows are soon running out. My wednesday lunchtime gigs at the LBC Towne Center are officially over. The dude who books for them told me it was time to rotate to a different performer. I suppose I lasted an exceptionally long amount of time... it is supposed to be "Acoustic Wednesdays" over there, but for the last 3 or so months it was pretty much "Mike Peralta Wednesdays", heehee. I did have a ton of fun and made a lot of extra money for music doing it. I only regret not saying goodbye to the security guys and staff over there.... but I didn't know last week was my last show until I asked for a another re-book this weekend. Oh well. They're good guys anyway. Oh yeah, one more regret. I never put out my newsletter sign up form until the very last day. I just figured, "This is just people eating lunch, what do they care about signing up for a musician's newsletter?" so I never put it out... Turns out I was wrong yet again. I put out the signup form on the last day and got like 17 signups, even though the lunch area was relatively dead.

I'm talking to The Block at Orange for another rebook of shows late February or early March. I kind of waited too long to have that conversation with them, so they had already filled up February. Hopefully it works out and I can keep playing there at least once in awhile. This last show I did on Jan-30-2010 wasn't one of my best. My hands were literally so cold that I couldn't feel them and messed up more than one chord, and forgot lyrics and a bunch of boo-boo's. No one seemed to notice though, and again even though it was relatively dead I got about 20 sign-ups to my newsletter.

Freddy Looking to the Side
By the way if you signed up for my newsletter - THANK YOU!

Funny/Sad story: Last week I played a small show at a place called Malone's in Santa Ana. They do something called "Casa de Rock Night" every wednesday, and try to bring in a wide variety of local musicians. My friend anna decided to book the whole show and filled it up with her musician friends. I got to see her and a band called The Fallen Stars perform. I had never seen The Fallen Stars before and I've got to tell you, they're great. They do sort of country-ish, folk-ish, americana-ish stuff (I think), and that night were doing an acoustic/bass duo. I think the main two people are married... which is cute as hell, and besides making me throw up in my mouth a little, kind of made me jealous... because hey, wouldn't it be SO freaking awesome to be married to someone who was your partner in your biggest passion? Someone you could sing love songs to, and share all your fun gigging experiences with? Anyways. Anna was totally totally on her game that night too. I don't know if she had a better compressor or reverb or what on her sound system, but her sound was really lush and dreamy. I was definitely digging it. If you have a chance, check out both their websites, now, goddamn youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Oh whoops, I forgot the actual story part of my story. Consider that last paragraph just a setup. Anyhow. I did what I believe to be an OK-to-good set (how the F would I really know though, I didn't film it), and even though there were less than maybe 20 people still at the bar by the time I was able to perform, I got a few compliments and newsletter signups. Usually after a show I like to hang around for a bit to talk to admirers/congratulators, and just try to get a good vibe going for myself (yes, selfish, I know). After I get off stage, one of the people who I was talking with was a big fan of Coldplay, and gave me extra special props for pulling off "Yellow" in a way that he felt was awesome. That really pumped me up because Yellow is a hard song for me to do, and I can never tell if I'm on-key or not when I do the real high notes, because well, I'm still working on my falsetto and am just not a great singer in general haha. Well... that was his fatal mistake. Because then he told me he liked my hair cut (it was freshly shaved) as a sort of half-joke because his head was shaved too.

Freddy Sleeping
Now, you'd think a normal human being would be able to just say, "Oh thanks!" to a compliment on their hair cut... but not me. Out of a combination of me being a little pumped up and a total weirdo, I kinda sorta accidentally went off on him... just a bit. It went something like this. I slowly and calmly replied something like, "Oh thanks. Hey, how do you find the motivation to shave your head every day?". And then, before he had a chance to answer, I kept talking, gradually talking faster and faster, louder and louder, running around in circles until eventually I was rapidly angrily ranting a monologue that sounded something like, "you see because I just can't get myself to shave it every day, I try but it doesn't work, there's always something better to do in my day, how do you find the motivation? because i'm lazy and I can't even shave my face every day, sometimes i wait months and months and then just pay a salon to shave it, how do you find the motivation every day? because then i go into the salon and ask them to shave it then spend 5 minutes explaining to the lady 'YES, REALLY SHAVE IT, YES NUMBER ZERO, LIKE A RAZOR GOD DAMN YOU', and then they all look at me weird like 'WHAT THE F IS UP WITH THIS GUY COMING INTO A SALON JUST FOR A HEAD SHAVE', how do you find the motivation?, and then sometimes I try shaving it myself and it hurts my head because I push too hard and then i can never shave it evenly and i look like a weirdo with half grown hair"... and on and on.

By the time I was finished talking, he had simply just given up on me. Like, as a human being. I had finished with another "So how do you find the motivation?", and all he did was stare, not even responding. Like how you might stare at a dog whom you just realized has rabies. You're no longer seeing the dog as an intelligent life form, you're just shocked and appalled, and hoping you don't get bitten or robbed or beated or something. It made me feel kind of like a failure at life for a second... but I recovered (ie: ran away) right after that by saying, "Well thanks for the compliments and enjoy your free CD" then walking away.

What else, what else. Oh, my buddy Brad's birthday was last week, so I took him to Dave 'n' busters this last friday night to eat some steak, play a little pool, and play video games. We ended up buying way too many credits and had to leave from sheer fatigue before our card ran out. If you were there you undoubtedly heard two strange men shouting, "F Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" at the top of their lungs while running each other off the road in various auto racing games.

Favorite part of the night: Sat down to a multi-player race car game, and some dude trying to impress his girlfriend (and who had already been playing before we even sat down) shouts at us, "Hey boys no crying when you LOSE!!!". Then me and Brad immediately run his car off the road right out of the starting gate, softly muttered "f youuuu" to each other, then proceeded to play the rest of the game focused on running each other off the road (rather than speed), and he still never caught up to us. When the game ended he quickly got up and just left. Muahahahaha.

I'll write more soon, I guess. If I can think of something worth writing. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of my cute sweet doggy that I've littered around this blog entry.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010, 11:51am
Mike... seriously cute dog!
Friday, February 5th, 2010, 11:53am
and LOL that was Rick Kaup I'm sure you made an impression! ;) Your cover of Yellow is unbelievable... it's so. damn. good. Thanks for playing that night you sounded awesome of course you always do. Unless you get cold, apparently.
Friday, February 5th, 2010, 2:19pm
Hey Mike - it was great meeting you the other night. I really enjoyed your set and thought you used that harmony thing to great effect.

I didn't even think you were a freak and I think I was there for some of the shaved head conversation.
Mike Peralta
Friday, February 5th, 2010, 7:18pm
Love ya guys
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