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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, 11:00pm
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uhhhh... well whats up you guys... most of you probably don't even know what this is about, but some of you are on twitter with me right now tweeting up a storm.

Essentially I came home from school about a half hour ago and asked my friends on twitter to DM me (direct message) a random word, and I'll make a silly sentence based off of it. You'd think I would get just a few words and probably struggle to fill in the gaps, right? You would be wrong... apparently it is happy hour on twitter right now, because I literally got over 50 direct messages and way too many words to actually put together. All the freaking DM conversations I was having are now pushed down and purged by twitter, in favor of a vast array of one-word direct messages.

Most of you guys sent in nouns, and some sent in adjectives, but almost no one sent in connector type words such as 'is', 'with', 'are', etc, so I had to fill in a couple blanks, and most of the sentences sound more like slogans or brands than actual sentences. Anyway, here is what I came up with, thanks to all of you:

  • She cursed and squashed him with a kumquat ratchet
  • Ate the big yellow fart (most of this came from just one person)
  • We sit and demand supercalifragilistic lettuce fellatio
  • Platypus royalty poke pop tender pancakes
  • Revolutionize a verbatim pink knockout
  • My babe is rich with butterscotch substantiation
  • Strong tickle the fantastic Bonghole-y itch
  • Logistically oscillating Orgasm music food
  • Eternal psychopathic hologram Tupac ... (wait for it)... has been shot
  • Rip bare the jolly .... .... ... heliotrope
  • Revolutionize long distance lettuce catapults

I have to say, this gives me a little insight into the minds of my friends and fans, kind of like an inkblot test. You dirty evil bastards heehee.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe it would be fun if I put most of the words here, and you guys can make up your own sentences, then either tweet me or make them comments here, and I'll tweet out the funniest ones. I say most, because I had to throw a TON away with the sheer number of words became demoralizing in itself. Here they are:

awake, catapults, gravitas, floccinaucinihilipilification, cursed, squashed, awake, bare, jolly, sit, royalty, poke, tender, babe, ate, big, pop, oscillating, orgasm, revolutionize, demand, butterscotch, supercalifragilistic, logistically, Bonghole-y, platypus, substantiation, knockout, music, tickle, long, strong, discombobulate, explore, beautifully, laugh, Tupac, lettuce, jabber, awake, swim, write, itch, anniversary, fantastic, fellatio, verbatim, pink, rich, yellow, fart, pancakes, distance, food, ratchet, kumquat, tender, eternal, heliotrope, smoke, sings

OF COURSE someone had to say platypus... of course... Anyway, thanks for reading this short little vlog and thanks to everyone for having a little fun with me tonight!


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