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Monday, January 25th, 2010, 3:04pm
Categories: Journal | Mouth Diarrhea

Hello all.

Before I start ranting, a quick note. The most wrong thing I've heard this week: A quote on someone's page where they said they were "... happier than Stevie Wonder when valtrex came out".

I woke up the other day with a major stiff lower back, which is really weird and dumb. I don't ever get back pain. I didn't even go to the gym for about 3 days prior, or do any heavy lifting. And I've also been single for over 5 months now and its not like I'm an active booty-caller, so it couldn't have been that either. I just woke up with a stiff back and don't even know what I did to deserve it. Now I'm sort of leaning forward and to the sides every once in awhile at random places throughout the day, with my shoulders all slumped forward like I'm kind of psychopath about to do a dive roll. Maybe I flexed my back in a dream. I'm a semi-sleepwalker, in that if I hear noise in the room while I'm sleeping, I'll sometimes try to talk back to it by moaning or saying things outloud like, "bob?" or "i have to download my pants"... or sometimes I'll jerk around or kick my feet if I'm running in the dream and trip or something. Once, I had a dream where I had to hit something away from me, and in real life I smacked the back of my hand on my headboard SO HARD that I had a solid lump on it for 6 months. The best part was that the pain wasn't even enough to wake me up, just enough to make me remember it happening the next morning.

Star Trek has its own section in the book store
Here's something funny. I go into border's occasionally to try and pick up a book on programming or music business or marketing stuff (apparently never grammarhhh), and I noticed that Star Trek has its own section. Not just a little section. Its own aisle. A freaking dedicated aisle. For Star Trek. Does anyone else sense overkill here? I suppose I'm not one to talk. I've pretty much seen every single episode of the original star trek, next generation, voyager, deep space nine, and all the movies. And yes, I do love Star Wars slightly more, but you can only watch Revenge of the Sith so many times until people start walking out of the room the instant you begin to utter the words "Hey lets watch....". And yes, I am a huge, huge nerd.

Ninja Ass-Ass
Also, a little while ago I went to see the movie "Ninja Assassin" in the theaters, which by the way, aside from being totally unrealistic, was super kick ass and fun in a sort of Tarantino sort of way. Anyhow, I just found this photo that I took while walking into the theater. Here it is for your enjoyment. Notice the way they abbreviated the title. Now that's what I would call a fun movie.

Something else that has crossed my mind recently is when I log into my website, specifically the section where my mailing list is, I get to see a brief summary of the most recent people to sign up for it, AND a brief summary of the most recent people to leave it. Sometimes, looking through the "unsubscribers" list makes my blood boil just a little. I realize sometimes people unsubscribe just because they're switching emails, or maybe they're still fans but they don't want weekly updates, or whatever... but still.. how do I know? Maybe its the not-knowing that jacks me up the most. I sometimes want to modify my website's admin section to read "Latest Unsubscribing Whores". Or maybe... since I already have it programmed to send me an automatic email-alert to my blackberry when someone subscribes (yes, it happens that infrequently), I could just program the website to automatically send each unsubscriber one final email, that basically consists of the subject line "FUCK" and the body "Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu".

That reminds me. I don't do enough purely-senseless-rambling blogs anymore. I always mix it up with "real" stuff now... which totally makes my "Mouth Diarrhea" blog section kind of pointless. So starting now, I'm going to start tagging all my blog entries in both the "Journal" AND the "Mouth Diarrhea" sections. Why because its my boat and you don't get to be a pirate unless you have a beard. I said so.

I said so.

OH yeah, music stuff. Uhm. Lets see. My wednesday show at the LBC towne center got rained out. It wasn't actually raining when I got there, the the ourdoor lunch table areas where I was set to play were totally wet and stuff, and sprinkling was supposed to happen soon. The awesome staff there was trying to get me special permission to play music inside the actual food court instead of out in the patio. They couldn't get a hold of the person in charge of it though, so I just took the day off.

Then my freaking show at the block fell through too. Same basic reason. I have to bring all my own equipment to the block and we don't really have a canopy or anything to protect it in case of rain. A few hours before the show, the "precipitation warning" went from 0% to like 10 or 20, so I chickened out. It was probably for the best though, as the person who was going to run my merch table got stuck in traffic and wouldn't make it, plus I woke up with a huge huge soar throat for no reason at all.

Ok well I got the sore throat the day before. I recorded main vocals to my song "My Mind" for my next CD on Friday. For some stupid reason, the second after I was done, I instantly got one of those "i'm getting sick" coughs. I don't get it. Today I feel better though, so tonight's gig is definitely on at the tobacco lounge in riverside.

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