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Friday, January 11th, 2013, 10:55am
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File Warning
-File Deletion Warning
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Yo dudes ... just a friendly tip from me to you, since I just went through this ish a few minutes ago.

If you've accidentally deleted a file from your hard drive, camera, SD memory card, etc, you might be able to recover it.

Basically when you delete a file, you're usually not actually deleting the file - you're just deleting the database entry that describes your file. When you hit that delete button, you're usually just removing that database entry, not writing over the whole file, so your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc) won't see the file anymore. However, the actual file data might still be sitting there, undetected. Think about it for a second. You can delete a 100 gigabyte file in a blink of an eye, but to make a copy of that same file takes minutes.

Please note that I'm referring to when you EMPTY your recycle bin, or delete a file off a camera or something. In the case where you just deleted something off your computer and it went into the recycle bin, and don't know how to restore from the recycle bin - get a clue you noob. Hahaha jk jk.

So anyway, they have these programs that do something called "File Recovery" / "Data Recovery", and similar titles. These programs will scan through your hard drive / memory card / thumb drive / camera / whatever, and look for these ghost files. If its able to find what you need back, you can usually copy it back to your computer!

SO, I wanted to share the program I just used to recover a vlog I recorded but accidentally deleted. Its called "Wise Data Recovery", and can be found on the awesome awesome website If you're not yet familiar with that website - it is so cool... check it out.

Something else to keep in mind: Once you realize you need to undelete a file - STOP writing to that disk/card/camera. When you create new files, or even edit existing ones, you risk writing over the files you want to recover. Sometimes you can get away with a little bit, but often you'll end up corrupting your precious files. In my case, the second I realized I needed to recover a video, I immediately removed the card from my camera until I could find the right program.

Hope this helps anyone out there!


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