Youtube Announces The Nominees For Best Video (Day 1)

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Monday, April 1st, 2013, 7:43pm
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Is anyone on Youtube today? They're doing their April Fool's joke today and its both ridiculous and hilarious. Basically everyone woke up this morning with a notification that all their uploaded videos were automatically nominated for some sort of 'Best Video' award. Now, youtube is live streaming two presenters going through stacks and stacks of cards, "announcing" the nominees - which are basically every single video on youtube.

The gag is doubly hilarious because they're also using it as an excuse to read some of the most ridiculous youtube titles+descriptions available, completely pronouncing any misspellings, grammar/punctuation errors, smileys, run on sentences, or thoughts that simply stop before they're finished. They're reading everything in a totally deadpan/serious tone, which is making it even more enjoyable.

Also, the female presenter is hot. I think her name is Kendra.

Check it out while its still on!


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