William Shatner Unfriended Me on Facebook

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Friday, December 7th, 2012, 6:38am
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

William Shatner
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So so sad.

I just found out yesterday that William Shatner unfriended me on facebook. No, I'm not talking about his fan page. I mean I was on his actual friend's list... the personal one. Did you guys know that celebrities do this sometimes? They make a "Like" page, but then they also go around letting people add them on their personal page, thinking everything will be okay, and then eventually facebook is like "Hey bitch, 5,000 friends max!" and the celebrity has to start unfriending people. At least I'm hoping that's what happened. It also could have been that I repost a lot of Takei updates haha... or maybe some anti-bible stuff, or some Mayan ribbers, I dunno.

All I know is at one point, I was on Bill Shatner's personal facebook profile, and now I'm not. And also he didn't really post anything. I saw like 1 video that he did as a new year's message a long time ago and then nothing else. Oh well.

Now before you guys go hating on Caption Kirk, please keep in mind he probably had no idea of facebook's limitation.... and also, especially when you're first building up your facebook presence, it can be pretty tempting to let fans on your personal page. I'm not even famous at alllll and I seriously have over 200+ fans on my personal profile. Through trial and error I eventually figured out that once a fan finds your personal page, you better let them on it because otherwise they'll take it personally and you'll lose a fan. That's happened more than once already even after carefully crafted explanations of how I wanted to keep my personal page personal and my fan page for the public. Blah.

I guess if I ever end up with thousands of fans on my personal profile, I'll probably make a super secret spy one with some weird name and photo, and use it just for family and friends. Then again it'll be the year 2063 by the time I hit the 5,000 friend limit this way.

It makes you think though - who else with an anonymous looking name+photo is actually a hidden celebrity profile?

That reminds me, facebook once recommended that I might be friends with Mika Tan (a retired asian porn star haha). Oh facebook you know me so well.

Takei on Me

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