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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010, 4:21am
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Mike Peralta @ The Block at Orange
Hello again my peeps!

I've spent the last week or so working on my blog, which is why I haven't blogged. Uhhhhhh lemme explain that. I am a huge, huge..... huge computer nerd. I even once held several jobs as a programmer. Anywho, long story short, I write all the code for my website, even the blog. Which means, I've spent the last week upgrading the code to be cooler and better and faster and all that stuff. The only thing I seem to be desperately missing (as of this posting) is an actual picture for my icon. I WAS just linking to the one from my profile, but that was kind of a hack. I'm gonna add something where there's a panel interface thingy that lets me/you upload a new picture any time, and it'll automatically go into all existing blogs. Did I mention you can blog on my site, too? All you have to do is sign up for an account. Maybe in the future if I get people blogging on here, I can feature a blog from time to time, or something like that. In the meantime I highly recommend just saying hello in the forums, because that's the best way to get in touch with other fans. You never know who is out there, and its always the hardest to be the first poster... so JUST DO EEEEEET.

Whats the best part about the upgrades I've been doing? A subscription digest, comment notifications, and a subscription management panel. From now on when you comment on a post, and then someone else does, you'll get a short little text email (like how facebook does) that lets you know someone else has commented on a blog entry. That way you're kept more in the conversation than before. Oh, and the subscription manager makes getting unsubscribed to blog stuff a lot easier, too. Oh, and blog pictures work again, so I can start attaching them to blog posts. Woot!

So yeah, back to music stuff. Can I just say I LOVE THE BLOCK AT ORANGE. I've been playing there the past few weeks on Saturday nights, and will probably be playing there either regularly or occasionally for probably the rest of the year... unless I screw it up by falling off the stage or something and taking out the electrical system on my way down. Basically for those of you who don't know, The Block at Orange is a really fun/cool outdoor mall in Orange County. I've lived around the corner of it for most of my life, and have always just loved hanging out but never actually realized I should try to perform there. So far I've been getting a great response, been having a ton of fun, and plan to go back as often as I'm able to.

Ah, and yes, Tasha, thank you so much. Tasha is a friend from high school, and has recently convinced me to start selling merchandise at my shows. So basically she just caused me to spend almost $400 in 2 days on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, a new table, light for the table, cash box, calculator, pens, new CDs, and a larger rolling cart to transport stuff. Ok, the block caused me to buy the cart. They have no close-proximity-to-the-stage loading area, so the first show day I spent like FOURTY MINUTES just walking my stuff from the car to the stage area. I had sore hamstrings the next day.

Ok yeah so, Tasha is awesome. She helped me realize I need to be selling stuff, building up an email list more effectively, passing out show fliers, etc at gigs. OH, and to be more loud and excited during shows. Before her I basically showed up, played music, and then went home. And I talked under my breath a lot at a fast pace between songs, which probably made no sense at all to the audience. Now I try to show my excitement for playing automatically, before I wait for validation from the audience lol. Kind of reminds me of when Jackie Chan mentioned he had to "learn how to talk loud" when he was coming up in show business.

If you'd like to visit Tasha's page, she is one of the LA Derby Dolls, and her stage name is "Cannon Doll X", and she's on the "Sirens" team. Check her out on facebook here.

What else, what else? Oh, I haven't been working on my new album. JOYyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! You can blame the holidays for that. I stopped working on the album for awhile because of them, and then I got caught up on other stuff. OH THAT REMINDS ME!!! I still need to send Brad a non-vocals mix of my song "Fosner". He's making it the main title theme in one of his new projects. Sorry Brad for waiting so long. And if you read this, go ahead and post a comment on this blog so people can visit your profile and know what the name of your new project is. And when I say "this blog", I mean myspace AND facebook, not just my website. Douche.

Since its pretty late, I think I'll leave you all with one final funny note for the evening/morning. I often have absurd conversations with my mom. She is a wonderful mother, but she can often be.... uhm.... motherish (you'll soon see what I mean). And I of course can sometimes get annoyed with her and begin to say nonsensical or rude/playful things. Below is an EXACT QUOTE from a recent conversation I had with her:

Mike: I will fart in your face. I will literally fart. In your face.
Mom: Do you realize how many boxes I have in the garage right now??

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