I'll Tweet After I'm Dead, Weird Dream About Pot and My Dad, Greenlit on Hold, and Damn You Hot Girls

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Thursday, March 18th, 2010, 10:00pm
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It has just occurred to me that if I were to die today, my website would continue to tweet on my behalf for the next 6 months. How is this, you ask? I programmed a section into the admin area of this website to allow me to save tweets... tweets that I don't feel are very time-critical, but are somewhat funny enough that I want to eventually tweet them. So basically whenever I think I've thought of something funny, but I've just recently tweeted and don't want to over-tweet (agh, what a nerd), I save my tweet in the auto-tweeter section of my website. Then what happens is if I haven't tweeted for 3 days or more, my site will automatically go into my little saved list of stupid sayings and tweet one on my behalf, then send me an email so I know I've been lazy on tweeting. So far its only happened once, and I have over 60 tweets saved. That's 60 tweets times 3 days between tweets. That's seriously 6 months. So if I die, and my website keeps tweeting, you'll know its just me, back from the grave to haunt the shit out of all your asses, and not some hacker.

Uhm... so... true story.. The other night I had a weird dream about my dad. Some friends of mine from my bar showed up at my house, all wasted and being super loud. I asked them to sit down and be more quiet, and started asking them what kind of food they wanted me to fix them, what sodas they wanted, etc, when all the sudden they all whipped out a huge pot pipe and started smoking it. Then my dad came into the room, and I started getting all embarrassed and stuff, when suddenly he he looks at the pot pipe and suddenly transforms from the very stern, large, humorless man he is, into a very skinny, dirty, tan looking guy with a thick pimp accent and a hobo's hat. Suddenly 100 times more friendlier than he usually is, he then says in his new pimp accent to my friends, "hey maaaaaaaaaaaaan lemme get a hit off that she-it!". Stunned, I stare at my 'dad' in amazement and begin wondering how different my life would be if I had shared a pot pipe with my dad as a little kid, and using that as an excuse to have actual opportunities to interact and bond with him regularly without being yelled at or made to feel guilty in some way (lol). Anyhow, being the "I love pot heads and yet I never smoke pot myself" kind of guy that I am, I turned him down when he offered to smoke me out with my friends, and was left standing in the corner in an awkward Ben Stiller kind of moment, watching a transformed image of my dad smoke pot with all my friends. Analyze that, mister Freud.

Also for those of you who knew that I was going to have a small part in an indie feature film called "Greenlit", playing the part of an editor who tells the heroes of the film that their project that they put their blood sweat and tears into, essentially sucks.... has been postponed. Apparently the main investor has pulled half their funding and the 2 main/major locations we were going to film at fell through. So oh well. Back to waiting. Its too bad, I was practicing saying, "You suck" into the mirror over and over and over each morning.

For those of you who enjoy stopping by my shows at the block - good news! I just added a bunch of new shows. I think I might have a 1 or 2 week break in there somewhere though, which I'll probably use to play some odd gigs here and there.

OH and if you are a hot girl, and you walk by me playing music, and then flirt with me while I'm singing, and then get me all excited, and then walk away and wave goodbye while I'm singing, without leaving your phone number at my merch table or even so much as grabbing a CD so you can get my website so you can email me (HELLO!!), then all I can say is that I hope you fall down and .... uh.... (just realized some of them might be reading this)... come to more future shows!

Oh oh! And had a great time hanging with my friend Jessica this weekend, who came to my show, then her and her friend hung out with me afterwards at Johnny rockets. Yum!

And thanks to the huge group of cute girls who ran up to me after my show that night too, asking for autographs and being little silly heads all around me too. You guys helped make my night!

Well I know this isn't a long ass blog, but I think I'll leave it as it is right now so I at least have SOMEthing to post todsy. I've waited 2 weeks to post again. Doh!

Check back for more updates soon, and come connect with me on my facebook and myspace pages too!


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