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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012, 11:27am
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Hey dudes, I just had a quick thought and wanted to blog it for you. You know how the best part about capitalism is all the competition? And you know how in reality, competition kind of sucks right now because each market usually has very few real/true players in it, when there should be hundreds (ie: cellphone carriers, computer manufacturers, tv/blueray-player manufacturers, streaming media vendors, email providers, grocery stores, etc etc etc)?

It's all our fault.

We're the ones who choose to buy from the largest companies, because on some level, we believe we can trust them more, or their products are superior. Yet if we step back, we can also logically recognize that a larger company is more capable of silently screwing us over behind the scenes and getting away with it. We also know that larger companies have larger advertising budgets, which equates to an influence on our decision making process. Studies have shown somewhat conclusively that most people believe they are smarter than advertisements, but at the same time most people are still susceptible to their messages.

By gravitating our purchase dollars towards the largest companies, because we perceive them more trustworthy, or their products superior, we make it easier for larger companies to make larger gains, and cause smaller companies to struggle more. This leads to the big ones swallowing up the smaller ones (Wallmart, anyone?), which leads to our country being overrun by oligopolies, which means less competition, and lower quality for us all.

I realize we all do it. I do it less now that I'm older, but I still struggle to find smaller companies with a great product/reputation, but it's worth trying.

Next time you're thinking of going directly to a big brand name, try google'ing or amazon'ing the same product for awhile, find non-big-boy companies selling the same thing, read through reviews, and see if you have it in your heart to support a smaller business. I realize you won't do it all the time, or even most of the time, but if we all try - we all benefit.


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