Ghost Hunters Sucks, and I'm Making Better (More affordable) T-Shirts

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, 7:00pm
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Ghost Hunters Sucks

Ok here is every f-ing episode of "Ghost Hunters" in a nutshell:

Ghost Hunter: "OMFG did you hear that noise? That was a ghost for sure! Can you feel that cold running across your arm? HOLY SHIT the EKG noise meter thingy is going wild! This place is SO haunted OMGGgggggggggggggg"

[Next Day]

Home Owner: "So, what did you guys find out last night?"

Ghost Hunter: "Oh nothing it was actually just a tree"


Yay T-Shirts!

Something that's been a problem lately for me is my inability to sell T-Shirts at shows. I started off asking $15 for one shirt, which to me doesn't sound like a lot if you like a musician and want to support, and is actually on the low end of what I've seen around at various shows and stuff. But nobody buys... well ok a few people buy, but its kind of a rare thing. I was thinking about this recently and I realized that the typical show-goer sees a band in a more club/party ish atmosphere like a bar, club, party, etc, and is often intoxicated when purchasing that T-Shirt and other merch items. So it just occurred to me that since most of my shows are at malls or fairs or you know, daytime-family-public-outdoorsy locations.... maybe what has been happening is that people just don't have or want to spend the $12 that I've been charging for them, and they're too sober to say "F it, I want that shirt!".

Add that to the fact that the way I'm currently having my T-Shirt orders fulfilled is costing me about $9 per shirt minimum, and I just don't have the option of lowering the price enough to allow everyone a fair shot at owning a T-Shirt. I mean really, the whole point of selling merch like shirts and cds and stuff, at least for me, is to get my music and my whole deal 'out there' more, not to try and make a huge profit off new fans that I make at shows. So really I have to/had to find a way to make shirts for way cheaper.

Enter stencils and bleach. I recently just discovered a way to make T-Shirts, BY MYSELF, so inexpensively that I can sell shirts for only about $5 or $6 bucks and still make a dollar or so profit off each one. That means everyone can afford to have a shirt and I won't go into the hole in order to make that happen. If you have the time or feel like making your own T-Shirts, check out this youtube video, in which a DIY (do it yourself) punk-ish musician called "One-Eyed Doll" basically made a few stencils of her band name and now uses them to spray bleach on black t-shirts, creating a really cool looking, yet really inexpensive band T-Shirt for herself. I've already made my first "Stencil" design, and I'm going to attach a PNG version of it to this blog as an enclosure.... so if any fans out there are reading this and want your own Mike Peralta shirt, but you either A. Don't have the money or resources to get to a show or pay for a shirt once you're there, or B. Live nowhere near where any of my shows are, you can basically download and print this file, then use it as a guide to cut a stencil out of transparency paper using an exacto knife if you want (I'm not responsible when you sever an artery and die, FYI), and then buy a shirt at the 99 cent store or recycle an old shirt you no longer care for, then just hold the stencil over the shirt and spray with a 1:1 mix of bleach (you'd have to wear gloves, goggles, and probably a breath mask, then let the shirt dry outside for a day or so... because lets face it, bleach is a bitch), and have your own homemade Mike Peralta T-Shirt. Woot! Or you could just stop buying porn for 1 day and use that same money to come support me at one of my shows, kthnx.

So anyways, right now I'm talking with several companies about having a stencil pattern laser-burned professionally. It'll cost me about $50 but will be incredibly precise and clean.... but in the meantime while I'm waiting to figure out who to fulfill with, I've ordered something called a "Stencil Burner", which is sort of like a soldiering iron, only instead of soldering, it burns quickly and precisely through transparency paper, which as you might guess also makes somewhat good stencils. I can use it to attempt to trace out my own design on a plastic paper sheet thingy, and I'm kind of hoping I have the skill to make the stencil myself by hand, because then I'd be able to make any design I want, change/upgrade it as frequently as I want, and just make completely random stencils at any time, related or unrelated to my own music thing.

Flash forward to my mom's birthday: Happy Birthday mom! I made you a special birthday T-Shirt. It says, "I drink poop". Do you like it?

~Mike Peralta

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