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Thursday, December 13th, 2012, 1:41pm
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

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Well finals for school are over, and I'm pretty sure I passed both History and Philosophy. I almost blew it with both of those classes when I accidentally failed to turn in a major essay ... for both, LOL.

In my defense, my history teacher is a stickler for all that 'online assignments' stuff, where you log into the school's website, and you get to see your grades and assignments and things. Anyway the day of my midterm, I double and triple checked it for assignments, because I felt like I was forgetting something. Nothing else was posted so I came into class and then quickly realized my grade was going to have a big giant red -50 points for being a dumbass and forgetting the take home essay. I guess I should have written it down when he verbally assigned it the week before. Anyway, I pulled my grade back up from a D- to a C by the final, so unless I blew that, I should be coo.

And then I just straight up forgot the philosophy exam haha. But my teacher is cool and let me turn it in late, minus a few points. I love philosophy papers because they are all essentially Agent Smith from the matrix or Carl Sagan "What isszzzzz reality? Who are we to sayyyyy if thiszzz is real. Am I real?" haha.

I just need to get into Calc today for one last refresher. Man I'm going to hate Calc2 when the time finally comes. Son of a bitchhhhh

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