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Monday, May 17th, 2010, 12:16am
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Mike Peralta - Music of My Youth (CDs)
Oh dear its been 2 months since my last blog entry! I guess I slipped back into the old "I've got to wait until I have something very interesting to say" mindset that caused me to never blog before. I promise to all of you from now on, I will resist that urge. And yes I'm saying my blogs will never say anything interesting.

He's Not a Booker

So, awhile back, I don't even remember how far back anymore, I placed an ad up on craigslist looking for a booking agent, because well, I need one. For non music biz people, a booking agent is basically just someone who goes around trying to find gigs for you, either gigs that pay a flat fee or gigs that you can make money off of based on ticket sales or some other plan. When a booker books you a show, you pay them a percentage of the money you make (usually). Anyhow, I figured it was a good plan because who wouldn't want to make money booking me gigs?

Mike Peralta - Music of My Youth (CDs)
About a day after I posted the ad, I get a response from a very nice lady who tells me she is a manager and she loves my music and all the effort I've put into getting things going for myself, and she would love to manage me, BUT she is swamped with her current acts, so she has another friend who can help me out, and that I should call him. SO, the next day, I call him up, and not wanting to play phone tag with some dude I don't even know, I just leave a brief but detailed message about who I am and what I do, and that I'm looking for a booking agent.

Then the next day I speak with the original nice lady again. She tells me the dude is an A&R rep, some kind of high class big deal dude who makes people's careers happen. Oh dear. I've just spoken to him as if he were a booking agent on his voicemail.

Mike Peralta, Amber Lighting Below Face
Later that day I get an angry voicemail from him. "Hey Mike, this is so and so. I am NOT a booking agent!" and then he slams the phone down.

Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

New Lights

Mike Peralta, Amber Lighting On Face
So, I checked into my "music fund" folder in my bank account, and noticed I had an extra $300 bucks in it, with a bunch of paid gigs coming up, and no merch (CDs, stickers, buttons, etc) really to replenish. So I decided to get my first basic lighting rig. After doing a bunch of research online, and posting a couple sad, sad "please help me" posts in some forums, it became apparent to me what I should get started with. Long story short, I now have 2 little "Par Can" lights with amber gels (gels are colored sheets you use to color the lighting), mounted to 2 giant speaker stands by clamps. I think the effect is pretty cool, and hopefully it will improve my "Perceived Value" when I'm on stage, and I hate to admit it, but perceived value IS value. I'm going to post a couple pics of the different lighting test shots I took, and maybe some of you can let me know what you think!

Wee Man

Quick story: While performing a short/quick audition this wednesday for a paid gig, the actual "Wee Man" from Jackass walks into the room, begins air guitar-ing to me, gives me a thumbs-up, and then leaves the room. I'm a huge fan of Jackass and I think the Wee Man is as cool as hell, but all I could think to do was simply nod my head at him. Wee Man if you're out there you rock and I will try to say "wuddup!" if I see you there again.

Mike Peralta, Amber and Teal Lighting On Face

New CDs

Uhhhhhh.... yeah, I made new CDs. I am almost out of the Jewel Cases I've been selling at live shows for my "Music of My Youth" album, so I replenished them a few weeks ago. I only bought a hundred, but they look cool all on the ground at the same time, so I took a picture of them lol.

Mike Peralta, Amber and Purple Lighting On Face
I know I missed a few events and things that happened in my musical-life, and I'm sorry! I promise to try and post more stuff up as it happens from now on, if you promise not to expect it to be coherent or sensical, and to leave lots of inappropriate comments!

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