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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012, 12:55am
Categories: Mouth Diarrhea

How I Met Your Mother
-Cast of How I Met Your Mother

I'm totally procrastinating my history paper again, but I have almost 18 hours until its due.... so.... lets talk about How I Met Your Mother!!!

Okay so first off, I was just going to title this blog "How I Met Your Mother", until when I went to use google to spell check "Mosby", I came across a cute little site: http://tedmosbyisajerk.com. LOL. So silly. Alright anyway.

So tell me if you feel this way or this makes sense to you. When I first was watching the show, it was mostly just re-runs, so I didn't digest a large coherent view of everything that was going on, and for the longest time I thought that most of the show was about the on/off romance of Ted Mosby and Robin, and that eventually they would end up together. I know I know, they already said Robin wasn't the mom; She was Aunt Robin... but hear me out: The narrator has already played tricks on the kids before, when Ted met some stripper and then said "And kids that's how I met your mother... just kidding!". It seems entirely possible to me that the entire show could be a trick, and perhaps at the end the narrator (Bob Saget) would say "Alright kids remember your Aunt Robin from the story? That's actually your mother. I wanted to see if you would be rooting for her the entire time" or something.


Anyway. Now that I've caught up on the show via Netflix, watched every single episode in sequence, and am now watching new episodes as they air, something else is becoming apparent to me: The show isn't about Ted and Robin at all. They spent like a season and fraction together, and ever since then it's been Robin and Barney. Sure, Ted said "I love you" one too many times, but for the most part it's been Robin and Barney.

I dunno, I realize this is a dumb topic but it struck me the other day now that I'm more into the show. What do you guys think? Who should get Robin, and do you think the writers would dare break up Robin and Barney after their supposed wedding? Could happen, right?


Neil Patrick Harris
-Neil Patrick Harris at the 1st Streamy Awards in 2009
Image By: Lan Bui | Source

(Edit: Whoops, forgot to publish this the other day)

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