Walking Dead - Season 3 Finale - A Hero's Death? (My Rant, Spoiler Alert)

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Monday, April 1st, 2013, 8:21pm
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Yo dudes... I'm gonna rant about Walking Dead, so don't read on until you're caught up!

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Andrea: A Hero's Death!?!?!

What the damn hell!!! The talk show that always comes on after Walking Dead ("The Talking Dead") just said that Andrea died a "Hero's Death". Really!? All she did was fucking shoot herself so she wouldn't turn into a zombie! That's a somewhat more noble way to die, but a hero? Is this that bullshit where society calls anyone with difficult circumstances a hero? lol... Seriously, think about it:

  • Andrea should have believed Michonne about the governor being an evil bitch, but she didn't. Granted, she was blinded by sex, but still! At least listen to your damn friend.
  • Andrea then noticed several things that should have proven that the governor was an evil bitch, but still was too stupid to get it.
  • Andrea, after finally starting to understand that the governor - again was an evil bitch - had the chance to kill the governor, several times, but failed to act.
  • Because of Andrea's stupidity, tons of people are now murdered or tortured then murdered
  • Yay fukken Andrea. What a hero.

Look, I get it now - Andrea was trying to be kind and allow everyone to live. Fine, fucking fine. I get it. She wasn't evil, nor was she actually as dumb as I thought. Yet she still is, and I was so pissed at her a few episodes ago, I didn't even notice her naked ass. I mean she is a hot actress after all. Anyway. Her character did deserve a little respect, but not on the order of being a hero. She deserved respect on the order of someone who made a stupid decision out of kindness. That's not bad/evil. Maybe a little tragic.

So is she a hero? HELL NAW

Freaking Milton, Man

I think the real hero was Milton. Freaking guy had no experience whatsoever killing zombies or facing other groups in combat. He was a total lab rat, which means his level of courage and battle experience is on par with one of us, sitting here on the computer, reading blogs and facebook lol.

Seriously, could you imagine going against someone you knew would murder/torture you for it? That's what he did when he torched those zombies the governor had.

And could you then imagine being the nerd that you are - and believe me we are all major fucking nerds compared to the characters in walking dead - having the shit beaten out of you by that same madman, and then - with all your injuries and lack of combat experience - try to knife said madman, knowing that all he'd do is take it away from you and shove it into your own gut? Milton did all that just for the small chance of saving Andrea. He chose his own death over "graduating", as the governor called it (read: becoming a serial killer too).

That's a fucking hero! Andrea was just a bitch.

Okay I'm sorry. Andrea wasn't a bitch. I'm just still pissed at her character.

In slightly related news, are you guys also glad Michonne is finally "human"? You know what I'm talking about? She used to speak with her lips all tight, no emotion, scowl on her face, not letting anyone in. Now she is opening up to people, smiling and getting along, and looking almost happy sometimes. Kinda attractive bowchickawow.

Also, regarding Carl - I realize the kid is in danger of becoming a "little governor", and Rick needs to come back for some better parenting when he is more mentally stable... but that boy who pulled the shotgun on Carl/Hershel was seriously about to kill them. He wasn't putting down his shotgun when asked... he was slowly inching towards Carl so he could make a play. I'm sorry but even though Carl's philosophy on life now is fucked, he still made the right call in that one particular moment.

Okay I think this rant has gone on long enough.


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