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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016, 4:30pm

Love Remains the Same [New Video]

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Friends! I'm finally back with a new cover song video wooohooooo.

I know it's been awhile. I was sick and (let's be honest) very very lazy for awhile. But for my first cover song of 2016 I've recorded my take on a song called "Love Remains the Same" by Gavin Rossdale. I hope you like it!

Please help me out and give it a "thumbs up", and also leave a comment on the video, even if just to say hello. It really does help!

As an added bonus, here's my little post-song rant, where I complain and complain and complain:

Friday, July 10th, 2015, 5:03am

How to Fix Hum / Radio / Inteference in the MXL 770 Condenser Microphone

Categories: Journal | Tech / Nerdery

Hey peeps; just another nerd post. I'm going to attempt to explain the cause of, and provide a solution for, a problem I had with my microphone awhile back, where it was picking up the radio and interference.

MXL 770
One of the microphones I frequently use for my music is the MXL 770. It's a consumer level cardioid condenser microphone with an XLR output; really great for home recording on a tight budget. Dollar for dollar it's a huge value. I plug it into my little usb audio interface and make tracks for iTunes or youtube. [...]

Friday, June 26th, 2015, 6:04am

It's Dark Over Here, on the Kyle Green Show

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Hello friends! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kyle on The Kyle Green Show recently. We talked for a bit, I played some songs, and I majorly lost a game Kyle had us play on the air.

We took a drive down early Saturday afternoon and went into the studio. I plugged in some of my gear and we fumbled around with microphone connections for awhile, until we finally realized the power switch was simply off, haha.

Then we talked and screwed around a bit. I had employed some emotional blackmail to get my mom to come down and help film and wrangle some of my stuff, so naturally this was paid back by teasing her just a little bit. [...]

Friday, March 27th, 2015, 9:26pm

Love is an Opportunity

Categories: Journal

Hey peeps,

So ... I'm feeling a little warm and fuzzy today. There's an artist I check out from time to time, named Kina Grannis, and a new friend just showed me a song that Kina had apparently recorded with her husband. It's a very sweet song, and it got me thinking about love.

This might sound weird or negative to some of you, but I feel like it's incredibly positive.

I often think about love; How hard it is to find; How easily it fades. A lot has to come together in just the right way, for it to happen. Take most couples. Imagine if things were different, even just a little bit. [...]

Saturday, September 27th, 2014, 10:00am

I Want You With Me - Live on 89.5FM KTST Anaheim

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Mike Peralta at 89.5FM KTST Anaheim
-Mike Peralta, live performance and interview on "The Kay Show", 89.5FM KTST Anaheim
Hello everyone!

I've got the final performance clip from my recent appearance on The Kay Show, woo woo!

Here's me doing my original song, I Want You With Me:

In the heat of the moment, I accidentally put the capo on the wrong fret (haha) and ended up playing the song 2 halfsteps lower than I should have. Lucky for me I'm pretty used to re-keying songs on a regular basis, or it could have been a disaster lolol. Also, I cut the song short because I was under the impression we were out of time. [...]

Saturday, September 20th, 2014, 10:11am (1 Comment)

A Story Forever - Live on 89.5FM KTST Anaheim

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Mike Peralta at 89.5FM KTST Anaheim
-Mike Peralta, live performance and interview on "The Kay Show", 89.5FM KTST Anaheim
Hello everyone!

I've got another video clip from my recent appearance on The Kay Show, woo woo!

Here I am performing my original song, A Story Forever:

And the one from last week, "Will I Be Okay":

I'll be back next weekend with the third and final performance video from that day, then I'll be done with newsletter blasts for a little bit.

If you'd like to get to know Kyle or his show, check out the following links:
@TheKyleGreen on Twitter
Kyle's Page on KTST Anaheim [...]

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Saturday, September 13th, 2014, 6:00am (2 Comments)

Will I Be Okay? Live on 89.5FM KTST Anaheim

Categories: Journal | News

Helloooo peeps!

I've got video to share with you! :)

Last weekend I got to do a live on-air radio interview and perform some unplugged versions of my original music, as well as hang out and talk for about an hour. It was another great experience, and this time around - I got videos and photos, woo woo

Here's one of the photos:

Mike Peralta at 89.5FM KTST Anaheim
-Mike Peralta, live performance and interview on "The Kay Show", 89.5FM KTST Anaheim

And here's the first youtube upload (performing "Will I Be Okay"):

and here's a photo of me and Kyle after the show

Mike Peralta and Kyle Green
-Mike Peralta and Kyle Green after a fun interview/performance on The Kay Show, 89.5FM KTST

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Friday, August 29th, 2014, 10:00am

Some of my favorite fan art!

Categories: Journal

My d00ds!

I want to share a few fun images with you today! Over the years I've received quite a few photos and drawings from fans, and I love every one (well ... almost every one haha). If you're familiar with my website, you've probably seen some of them hanging around already, but today I think I'd like to feature some of them in an official blog post for everyone to see too.

These are only a few, so if I didn't feature yours here - just send me a letter or something and maybe I'll feature it the next time around. Also note that I always love getting new ones! :) [...]

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014, 4:33pm (1 Comment)

Over 35,000 plays!

Categories: Journal | News

Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me [Cover]
-Cover for Mike Peralta's song "I Want You With Me"

Photography by: Heinz von Bockelmann under CC by 2.0 license, adapted by Mike Peralta
Yo dudes!

So my latest song "I Want You With Me" has been out about a month and a half and I have what will probably be the final update regarding what's been happening with it and soundcloud.

If you haven't seen my previous updates, I released it on (i believe) June 14th, 2014 to this website, soundcloud, and some others. For awhile we were getting quite a few plays and I was pretty happy. A lot of you listened and gave me feedback, a lot of you helped share the track with your friends, and we generally had a good time. [...]

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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014, 9:00am

12,000 plays in 18 days!

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YO dudes!

I have a mini celebration I want to share with you. My new track - I Want You With Me - just passed twelve thousand plays as of today!

Furthermore, its currently being featured on the front page of Soundcloud's "Alternative Rock" explore charts! Seriously ... this is insane!

Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me (Soundcloud)
-Mike Peralta - I Want You With Me - 7th position on Soundcloud Alternative Rock charts

In fact, what's even better is this: Because it's on the charts right now, its getting a huge increase in daily plays; Over a thousand extra a day than it was getting before! If I leave the computer and come back even a few minutes later, the play count jumps up a lot. [...]

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