Mike Peralta - New Girlfriend

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Release as part of the album Music of My Youth

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"New Girlfriend"
by Mike Peralta

Saw you on the street and didn't wave right back to you
Took another sweet down to the place we used to eat
And I was not the one who was wrong
And I am not the one who is gone
But now I'm not the one alone
I threw your pictures out the car window

Fuck you, I've got a new girlfriend

And I will never love someone as much as I had used to you
Even if that girl is you again you fucking whore
Saw you at the local store
Laughed at you tripping out the door
Having such a perfect day
in these worn out pants you used to hate

Fuck you, I've got a new girlfriend

You can suck a big gigantic dick

Fuck you, I've got a new girlfriend

Fuck you...

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